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Tri-State Coring performs professional diamond core drilling services for precise, circular diameter holes.

We can drill through concrete, brick or block walls and floors.

Holes up to 30" in diameter to almost any depth can be drilled.

Line Drilling can be utilized to drill square or rectangular openings to almost any depth when other applications cannot be applied. Core drilled holes are drilled as overlapping holes and once completed one large piece can be removed.

Typically, we are subcontracted by a Contractor on a job.  We also can perform small jobs at residential properties for the homeowner.  Simply call 914-967-3545 or email to today for a free consultation.

Areas Covered

The areas that we cover are the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Types of Holes

HVAC Openings
Drain Openings
Sewer Openings
Cable Openings

Fence Anchor Openings
Other Round Openings needed in Concrete 

About Us

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